Mother's Day!Spring is finally here!!!  And, Mother's Day is right around the corner If you are in need of some super quick ideas, look no further!

As a mother myself, I know what I want most every year. I want to relax and have an amazing day with my family. I don’t care about extravagant  gifts, or shiny jewelry. It’s pure simplicity that I want....the little things.  I want to rest up, relax, skip the cleanup, and enjoy my family. I would imagine that most moms feel this same way.

So this year, skip the expensive and get straight down to the meaning!  Here list of simple Mother’s Day gifts/ideas that Mom's are sure to love!

Plan a Mom-Adventure 

If your a stay at home mom - now turned to homeschool mom - like me, you probably don't go on many outings for yourself. If I am going somewhere it’s typically for an appointment, something for the kids, or to pick up groceries. If the Mom in your life is in a similar place. A Mom-Adventure might be just what she needs! I’m not talking about an extravagant adventure - remember I like to keep things simpe, plus with COVID-19 taking over the world right now, simple is best!  I’m thinking more of a relaxing adventure. This could be something as simple as a picnic outside, a scenic drive to an area she loves, or just a nature hike through the woods! My most memorable Mother’s Days have been those where we take family trips to the park, or even just chill in the backyard and grill.

Make a Fun Keepsake

One of my favorite things to get on Mother's Day is a handmade keepsake. Just staple a few pieces of paper together to make a small book and write down a few things you love about Mom. -What is your favorite thing you like to do together? - What is her favorite food? - What does she like to do? -How do you know your mom loves you?  My 7 year old made a book like this a few years ago when he was in preschool, and it was the best gift ever!!  I cried reading it! Super simple to make but the most amazing gift ever!  

Make a Coupon Book

Coupon books are the perfect Mother’s Day gift! I’ve revived a handful of these as well as given many! They are a fun way to show Mom how much you appreciate her and are willing to help out throughout the year. You can easily make your own with the free printable coupon booklet that I attached to the bottom of this post! Simply print it out, cut the coupons apart, add some embellishments if desired, staple it together and you’re good to go! 

Serve Breakfast in Bed

Enough said. Seriously, who wouldn’t love this?!? If you have older kiddos, get them involved. Make Mom something delicious and deliver it straight to her bedroom before she even has the chance to get up and do anything for anybody else! It's the best way to start her special day! Want to make her breakfast even more special? Make her a  few “I Love You Because” notes to read while she eats! 

Personalized MAMA Tee

Looking for something just a little bit more?  Give her a personalized MAMA Tee that she will love!  Mama's love to feel special and they love their kids with everything they have.  Giving her a MAMA Tee will be the icing on the cake and something she wear year round that will remind her how special and blessed she truely is. Below are a few Mama Tee links that will allow you to pick a favorite design and personalize it to match her uniqe style.    

So, There you have it!  Five super simple ways to celebrate Mother's Day.  These Ideas don't take much planning and are sure are sure to make Mom feel extra special and appreciated on her special day!!

Happy Mother's Day
   -Little Big Things

Free Mother's Day Coupon Book



  • CarrieSep 16, 2020

    Hi Rimini, The link to get the coupons should be emailed to you, maybe they went to your junk folder. I sent them again in another email. Let me know if your still having trouble.

  • RiminiSep 16, 2020

    I have some trouble getting the coupons.

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