12 Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee

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Graphic tees are a year round staple, and can be found in every Woman's closet!  Just a plain tee shirt and jeans can get boring quickly...check out these stylish graphic tee looks that are so versatile! You can wear the same tee over & over many different ways without getting bored.  From slouchy over-sized tees to cute fitted ones, many of these looks can be picked from your closet right now!

1. Leggings, Denim Jacket & Graphic Tee - This outfit is great for everyday shopping or lunch with friends! Pair with a hat and sunglasses - wear some booties or your favorite sandals to finish the look.

2. Graphic Tee, Statement Skirt & Heels - Dress up your favorite graphic tee with a statement skirt and heels. What is your favorite combo? Leopard print or florals? Plaids or strips? Sequin or neon?  

3. Knotted Graphic Tee & Pattern Pants - Get creative with patterns and have fun! Finish the look with sneakers or heels. 

4. Dress Pants, Colorful Coat, Graphic Tee & Heels - This look is great for a casual workplace.  A bold color makes the outfit pop and look amazing!

5. Graphic Tee, Joggers & Jacket  - Cute, comfy & stylish!  Wear with some sharp sneakers or fun flip flops!

6. Graphic Tee, Distressed Jeans - This look is casual and cool, your favorite graphic tee, cute distressed jeans & heels or animal print flats!  Wear an interesting jacket or coat to complete the look.

7. Graphic Tee, Sneakers, & Animal Print Leggings - Stay comfy and show your wild side with some animal print leggings! Coordinate your tee color and sneakers to complete the look.  

8. Knotted Graphic Tee & Flowy Spring Skirt - Another cute and comfy option! Layer a graphic tee, knotted at the waist and pair it with your favorite spring skirt.  Looks great on all body types!

9. Graphic Tee, Kimono, & Cut-Offs - Pair your favorite graphic tee with your favorite kimono!  This look can easily be dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories.

10. Graphic Tee, Jacket & Black Jeans - This look can also be dressed up or down!  Wear some classy boots or some casual sandals to complete the look you are going for.  

11. Graphic Tee tucked into jeans & Sneakers - Show off your waist with some high wasted jeans and a tucked in graphic tee, pair with your favorite sneakers and hat!

12. Graphic Tee & Camo Joggers - Hang around the house or grab a coffee in style. Half tuck in your shirt to show off your waist 

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