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Last month we took a much needed mini vacation to Mesquite, Nevada so my oldest son, Kennan, could attend a winter baseball camp.  Even though the camp was just for my oldest son, we took the whole family!  Winter here in Wyoming seems to last FOREVER, it was so nice to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather.  

Last summer, Kennan found a love for baseball! He has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old, started in t-ball, moved on to rookies, B- Minor and finally A-Minor.  Baseball isn't very big in Wyoming because of the weather. It takes so long for it to warm up we don't get much of a spring playing season, so if you want to take baseball serious you play on a traveling baseball team. He tried for our local travel ball baseball team and made the 11U team.  He is super excited but also very nervous because he is the youngest player on the team. After we found out he made the team we decided to take him to this winter baseball camp, Rocky Mountain School of Baseball, to get a little extra practice.  My husband also has a love for baseball and actually attended this camp when he was a kid, so we knew it would be really helpful for him.

This camp was fantastic! They went over fundamentals of baseball, worked on catching, trowing, hitting, had special training for each position, and played a few baseball games.  It was a 3 day camp that went from 9am-4pm. That still left us plenty of family time to go swimming and try out the arcade. Going to the arcade was a whole other experience for my kids since it was located inside a casino, something my kids have never been exposed to, haha! I'll share the story a little later.

Once we found out Kennan made the travel baseball team, I knew we would be spending a lot of time at the baseball field for practices & games, so I made a few baseball tees (for me and the kiddos) and a mom survival bag check list! As a mom of 4, I already know that sitting through multiple baseball games with younger siblings is going to be a challenge and I want to be prepared    I know there are plenty of moms out there who are in the same boat I am, that would enjoy these tees and checklist as well, so i added them to the website! 

Baseball season is just getting started, and I'm a newby to the travel ball thing so  I'd love to hear tips and tricks from all you baseball moms of things I might have missed! This baseball camp was just an introduction to the real thing!! I'll be sharing more information I learn along the way as well! 



Baseball Mom Survival Bag Checklist!

1. Sunscreen - Sitting in the sun all day with limited shade can be brutal.  You may need to apply and re-apply sunscreen to your self and all your kiddos.

2.Bug Spray - At the baseball camp we had to sit along side the field where there were no bleachers...Since it was winter no bugs were out but know during the summer they would have been terrible.

3.Sunglasses - I can't go anywhere without my sunglasses!  I'll probably throw an extra pair in the bag just in case.

4. Water Bottle - Having a water bottle or 2 is a must when it gets hot sitting in the sun.

5. Snacks - Snacks are a must when sitting at the ball field all day with multiple kids.  Here are a few of our favorites: trail mix, chex mix, fruit snacks, smart-pop popcorn, sunflower seeds, granola bars and fresh fruit.

6. Cash for concession stand - Let's face it, even though you pack snacks, you kids will still most likely want something from the concession stand.

7. Blankets - I'm crossing my fingers the sun will be out during our baseball tournaments, but I do live in Wyoming and you always need to be prepared for some chilly wind. They are also great to have if you need to sit on the ground.

8. Extra hoodie - Like I said before, I live in Wyoming, Always be prepared for cold weather.

9. Lip Balm - Just like my sunglasses, I don't go anywhere without my lip balm!

10. Hand Sanitizer - Sometimes bathrooms don't have any soap, so a little bottle of hand sanitizer could be really useful.

11. First Aid Kit - Most teams are required to have their own first aid kit for the team, so I think it will come in handy for my other kids running around.

12. Wipes - Great for cleaning off hands and faces!

13. Umbrella - Always be prepared for Wyoming weather!

14. Extra Phone Charger - I need my smartphone at all times!  Not only for obvious phone capabilities, but for capturing pictures, and getting directions to where I need to go.


Hope this list comes in handy for all you baseball moms!  I'll update it as I find more useful tips and tricks!!

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