Welcome to our Home -
A Super Easy & FUN DIY Project

Do you like to get crafty??  It's starting to feel like fall and its made me get into craft mode even more than I normally am! I've been wanting to add a front porch sign to our house for a while, but was waiting until we had somewhat of a yard put in so I didn't have dirt blowing all over my decorations.  Well it finally happened!!  We have grass and I made a super easy and fun front porch sign!  I've had a few people ask about it so I thought I'd share it with everyone!!  I've turned my project into a DIY kit so you can have just as much fun making it as I did with just 4 easy steps!

What you will need:

- An 11" x 48" board. I used a pinewood board from Home Depot, You should be able to find a board this size at any lumbar/hardware store. 
- Hand Sander or Sandpaper
-Stain and/or Paint - The color of your choice
-Wood glue
-1 small nail & a hammer
-Garland strand of flowers or greenery - your choice
-DIY Welcome to our Home Letters Kit

Step 1

The first step is to sand & stain your board.  I used my hand sander. It doesn't take long, just a quick sanding to make the board feel smooth and to get rid of any rough edges that might give slivers. After your board feels smooth, you can stain or paint it the color of your choice.  I used Varathane Dark Walnut stain for my board. 

Step 2

While the board is drying you can paint your letters from the Welcome to our Home kit.
I use MDF wood and cut these letters with our laser.  I sand the edges before sending them so they are ready for you to paint. I used 2 coats of white spray paint for my sign. 

Click here to find the link to get a Welcome to our Home DIY Kit. 

Step 3

Now, while your letters are drying you can put together your wreath. 
This is my favorite part of this project.  I wanted to make a sign that I could decorate for all the different seasons/holidays.  This wreath allows you to change up your front porch decor with a quick swap.  Since, we are just heading into fall I chose a colorful garland strand from Joann's.  I like to use these types of strands when decorating my wreaths because it is so easy!  I just lay the garland on top of the wreath and tie some burlap around it to secure in on. When this fall season is over, I can just cut the burlap and tie a new garland stand on to match the new season!
Below are a few ideas - Fall, Halloween, & Any Season

Step 4

Once your board & letters are dry you can start putting them together.  Lay them out on your board and get a measurement of where you would like them to be.  I used a pencil to mark them out & gorilla wood glue to glue them on.  Next, I used a hammer to put in a small nail where I wanted my wreath to hang. I let my glue dry for about 45 minutes before putting it all together and out on my front porch. 

This was such a fun and super easy project! Below is a link to find the Welcome to our Home DIY kit.   I hope you have just as much fun making and styling your front porch as I did with this cute sign!  Feel free to ask any questions or add comments in our comment form!  We would love to hear from you and see your fun porch creations.  

Carrie Lynn
-Little Big Things

Welcome to our Home DIY Kit
Welcome to our Home DIY Kit
Welcome to our Home DIY Kit
Welcome to our Home DIY Kit
Welcome to our Home DIY Kit
Welcome to our Home DIY Kit

Welcome to our Home DIY Kit


Do you love to craft and get creative?  This super cute Welcome to our Home sign comes unfinished so you can get creative! 

You get the words/letters and a 12 inch grapevine wreath ready to be painted and put together on a board of your choice to welcome friends and family into your home. 

The unfinished wreath makes this sign fun and unique - decorate the wreath with fun garland stands to match every season!

All you need is a little paint or stain/ a pinewood board and garland that can be found at any hardware/craft store- size of letters are cut to fit a 11" x 48" pinewood board.      

Check out our blog post to see step by step instructions to make your own sign!


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