Finding Joy on a SNOW DAY! - Valentine Bird Feeders

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Yesterday we had a SNOW DAY!  It was super cold and windy all day long, the high was 10 degrees with a wind chill making it -1.  That's WAY TOO COLD to play we decided to be creative and do an indoor project. Plus, I didn't want the kids on electronics the entire day.  

I had some left over bird seed from a few years ago when we made these cute bird feeders, and we decided to try them out again.  Here is everything you need:

-3/4 cup flour

-1/2 cup water 

-1 packet of flavorless gelatin

-3 Tbsp corn syrup

-4 cups bird seed

- cooking spray

-Cookie Cutters

Mix all ingredients together, spray cookie cutters with cooking spray, then fill the cookie cutter with mixture and pack together.  We made a small hole near the top so when dry we can put a string through it to hang outside. Let them sit overnight to dry before pulling the cookie cutter off.  The cooking spray helps the bird seed not to stick, but it still kinda does, so be careful when removing cookie cutter.

This was a fun 30 minute activity that kept the kids busy! Well, my younger kids at 12 and 10 year old weren't super interested, haha!  I like my kids to do some hands on activities, be creative and get messy (well, a little messy) and I feel this was perfect for them. 

What do you do on a snow day when its too cold to play outside?  I'd love to hear your ideas and try them out!  We still have at least a month or 2 of cold weather here in Wyoming.  


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