4 Simple Things you need to Create the Best Halloween Party

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I love the excitement all the decorations bring.  Once we pull out the Halloween tote, dressing up and getting candy is all the kids can talk about. Halloween this year might be a bit different - Will trick or treating be allowed or not?  Either way, we can still make this year fun!  I've put together 4 simple Halloween party ideas to keep the Halloween excitement going this year!  Life is all about spending time with those you love and making memories together.  Create loads of laughter and unforgettable memories this Halloween. 

Every Party Starts with Decorations

The best way to keep the Halloween excitement is to decorate your house to the MAX!  Inside and outside decorations create a spooky vibe that set the mood for the party! But, we can't all spent hundreds of dollars on decorations.  Ideastoknow.com has put together a list of 31 DIY Halloween decorations that you can get at the dollar store!  These ideas are super spooky, simple and will make your party unforgettable!  But, if your looking to add a few Halloween decorations that you can pull out every year, don't forget to check out our laser engraved/3D Halloween signs.   These signs are made from real wood, laser engraved and made to last. If its unique ideas your looking for that might take a little more work, check out alpharages.com. They have a variety of fun Halloween decor ideas for outside and inside. You can't go wrong with any of these ideas!  

Halloween Parties Require Costumes

Everyone knows if your going to a Halloween party you need a costume, it's the best part!!  Encourage everyone to dress up by having a costume contest! There are plenty of costume ideas floating around the internet that will inspire everyone to get into the Halloween spirit.  You can create a fun costume contest ballot and have everyone vote on their favorite costumes with a few different categories. If your not in the mood to create, jump over to etsy and print off this pre-made ballot. 

Don't forget the trophy!!  Every winner should get some type of a prize.  These skeleton trophies are so creative!!  Craftibilities.com has some fun ideas for prizes, how to make them look spooky and a DIY on this fun skeleton trophy. 

Some people come just for the FOOD

It's true!! Some people are there just to eat yummy food and thats OK!!  There are so many fun things you can do to make some yummy Halloween treats! All you have to do is search pinterest and you find millions of ideas.  gomoneymom.com has list of 20 super easy Halloween food & appetizer ideas.  If you looking for more kid friendly ideas whatmomslove.com has a 101 fun Halloween recipes for kids - her ideas includ breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & heathly snacks!  Get creative and have fun!

Every party needs some Entertainment

Games!!! Every party needs to have a few games to play.  These Halloween party games will keep everyone entertained and laughing.  We still talk about the games played at our last Halloween party.  I found a list of 50 halloween games that can be easily put together in no time.  Check out playpartyplan.com for some of the best Halloween games for all ages.  When the adults and kids play along together it makes for loads of fun and lots of laughter. This is where the memories are made!    

Start planning and start making some unfogettable memories this Halloween!! You don't need to over-complicate things, just keep it simple. Focus on the people and have some FUN! 
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