Choose Kind! - 50 Ways To Spread Kindness During Kindness Week

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Here it is as promised! If you have been following me on Instagram, I told you we had a list of 50 random acts of kindness to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Week! 

Random Acts of Kindness week starts February 11th - 17th, the final day is National Random Acts of Kindness day.  So you can celebrate the whole week or just the final day, it all counts! I honestly believe that kindness can change the world!  I made these cute & rustic signs as a reminder for my family to choose kind everyday!  We also have some adorable kindness tees that are perfect for everyday!

50 ways to celebrate Kindness Week 2020 

1.Text a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and remind them they are Awesome!

2.Pay it backward! - Buy the drink for the person behind you in line.

3.Give someone a compliment.

4.Post something positive on social media, or text it to a friend.

5.Leave someone an inspirational sticky note.

6.Donate towels or blankets to an animal shelter.

7.Say hi to someone you pass in the grocery store.

8.Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked cookies or treats.

9.Leave a gas gift card at the gas pump.

10.Let someone go in front of you in a line.

11.Leave a note on someones car telling them to have a good day.

12.Write a kind message with dry erase marker on your mirror for yourself or family member.

13.Smile at strangers.

14.Know someone who could use a night out?  Offer to babysit!

15.Return shopping carts for someone at the grocery store.

16.Write a positive comment on someones social media account.

17.Leave a kind server a BIG tip!

18.Write someone a list of 50 things you love about them.

19.Send a thank you card to your local police officers.

20.Put your phone away during the company of others.

21.Tape coins around a playground for kids to find.

22.Run an errand for a family member who is busy.

23.Send muffins or cookies to your local librarians.

24.Donate blood.

25.Find opportunities to give comments to everyone you see.

26.Take flowers to someone who could use some extra love.

27.Leave a box of goodies in your mail carrier for your mail man.

28.Donate toys or unused items to your local good will.

29.Practice self-kindness, spend time doing something you love for 30 minutes.

30.Tell someone they dropped a dollar, even if they didn't, and give them a dollar.

31.Walk a friends dog.

32.Help with household chores

33.Let someone know you are proud of them.

34.Spend time playing with your pet.

35.Invite your neighbor over for dinner.

36.Give warms hats or gloves to a stranger.

37.Sign up to do volunteer work.

38.Send a joke to someone to make them laugh.

39.Bake a cake for a friend

40.Plant a flower or tree.

41.Bring your teacher their favorite treat.

42.Open the door for someone

43.Donate books to a homeless shelter

44.Go for a walk with a friend

45.Pass out pencils to your classmates.

46.Shovel someones driveway

47.Buy a soda or treat for the cashier at the store.

48.Put your neighbors trash cans away if they are left on the street.

49.Hide a kind note in a library book.

50.Help someone load their groceries.

BONUS!  51. Wear a kindness tee!

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