Life is our Great Adventure enjoy the ride

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Do you ever think about life and wonder what it is all about?  Do you ever think what is the point? Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  Today at church we talked about life "Our Great Adventure"!  We all came to earth to go through this journey of life knowing that there would be many ups and downs but it would all be worth it in the end. Through life we experience many intense moments of joy and also many sorrowful struggles.  Without the bad we wouldn't be able to see or feel the good.

Sometimes as we go though this great adventure called life, we become distracted and we lose sight of why we are here and what our purpose is.  We forget that this life is a GREAT ADVENTURE and to enjoy the ride!

But.....How do we do that?  How do we look past the distractions and find joy in the ordinary?

We turn our hearts toward God. We strive each day to find Him, we learn to love Him, and we let that love inspire us to find the good, to find our purpose and our path to happiness.  Life is wonderful!!  It is our Great Adventure and we are here to enjoy it! God wants us to succeed, to feel the love He has for us, and to be happy.  He wants us to find joy in each day and He will be there to help us find it. If we trust in Him, He will help us notice the good, bright, hopeful things of life and we can find joy in the everyday little things.... like the freshly fallen snow, a new hair cut, visiting with a friendly cashier at the grocery store, and dancing to your favorite song while driving kids to and from dance practice!    We can find joy in the ordinary great adventure!

And, once we find that joy in the ordinary God wants us to share it! We can share the happiness and joy we feel through small and simple acts, and in return we will find even more happiness and joy! I encourage you all to start today!  To turn your hearts toward God and find the good.  There is goodness and love all around us, in all the everyday little parts of life.....sometimes we just have to look past the distractions to find it! This life is our Great Adventure so we might as well enjoy the ride! 


(If your looking for more inspiration, I invite you to read "Your Great Adventure", by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

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