Our Story

I created Little Big Things because I believe in the power of little things.

"Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the BIG things" 

This is my all time favorite quote!! I'm a mom to 4 amazing kids and this quote gives me all the feels. Time seems to be flying by and I want to do everything I can to make the little things - the big things! 

Little big things all started with a Batman beanie.  A little Batman beanie brought so much joy on Christmas morning and led our family to an EPIC family sledding trip! It was just a little thing but but it created so much happiness and left a forever lasting memory.

Some of the littlest things in life trigger some of the biggest moments and emotions we experience.  Maybe its a cookie jar that reminds you of family parties at Great Grandma's house or a super soft blanket that makes you think of snuggling your brand new baby.  Each memory created in life starts with little things and leaves big emotions and forever lasting memories.

I want our products to help create those forever lasting memories.  I want you to wear our baseball tee and be the crazy mom in the stands cheering for your son's team! I want our home sweet home sign to welcome your family home everyday and bring them comfort.  I want you to create memories as you decorate for the holidays and throw the best family parties!! I want our little things to create BIG things for you.    

Little Big Things is a family business, not a big corporation.  We are family with big dreams and goals that works together so we can play together! I involve my kids in picking out family fun items that we love and enjoy! Each item in our shop is inspired by our family to bring your family joy. 

Life is crazy, busy, messy, and sometimes overwhelming.....but its so beautiful when you work to embrace it all.  I want to share how we find our joy in all the crazy so I created a blog to do just that.  Our blog shares tips and tricks on motherhood, family life, home decor, DIY, fashion, and more! Its a place where we want to be friends and hear from you. 

Let's work together in helping each other turn little things into big things!  More smiles and giggles, more family outings, and more memories spent together. Life goes by so fast and its these little things that are the BIG things!!